Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Lorenz

When Mike Lorenz was fresh out of law school, one of the first things interviewers would ask him about was his volunteer firefighting experience with Southampton Fire Company.

“With all the resumes law firms were getting, I thought, ‘What could separate me?” said Mike. “The public perception of volunteer firefighting is pretty good and makes a great talking point in interviews.”

Mike’s first boss was very impressed by it and he got the job. Today, Mike works as an attorney handling insurance and civil defense litigation while serving as a firefighter and Vice President of Southampton Fire Company. He previously served as a lieutenant for eight years.

While some people may be weary to volunteer because of the time commitment, Mike encourages anyone thinking about volunteering to give it a try.

“It’s possible to balance your professional life and family time with volunteering, and still be an effective and efficient member of the fire department,” he said. “Our volunteers are contractors, attorneys, engineers, business owners, and in the public sector – we come from all different backgrounds and are able to make it work.”

Mike has been fitting volunteering into his life for 31 years. His dad has been a member of Southampton Fire Company for almost 40 years, and is his inspiration for joining the fire company. As a kid, Mike would pedal down the street in his toy fire truck when the alarm went off, while his dad drove off to the call.

“I joined when I turned 14. I always wanted to do it from as early as I can remember,” said Mike, whose favorite part of it all is giving back to the community.

“I was never in the military, but I have a ton of respect for everything they do,” he said. “In my mind, the thing I can do to give back is serve my community as a firefighter. The comradery and friendships is an added bonus to it all.”

To start serving your community in Upper Southampton Township, visit www.JoinSouthamptonFire.org.